Bethel Public Schools
November 14, 2016 7:00 PM
Bethel Public Schools Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Approval of the October 10, 2016 regular board minutes.
4. Approval of special board meeting minutes from November 9, 2016.
5. Discussion and approval of the following consent agenda items.
5.a. General fund #198-211, #70180-70224
5.b. Any and all change orders
5.c. October Activity Fund Report
5.d. October Child Nutrition Report
5.e. Proposed Fundraising Activities
6. Citizen's Comments
7. Consideration and action to change previous approval from "purchase" to "lease purchase" of three new school busses with Pottawatamie sales tax funds as soon as they are available.
8. Presentation of Bethel Public Schools FY'16 audit findings by the firm of Jenkins and Kemper.
9. Consideration and action on the resignation of support staff member:
9.a. Monique Radford - Bus driver
10. Superintendent's report
11. New business
12. Adjourn